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4 Powerful Actions to Jump Start Development Planning

by Karen N. Caruso, Ph.D. posted in Development Planning, Performance Management, Goal Setting

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Development goals are only achieved through focused and consistent action.  It is important to continuously remind ourselves that behavioral change and improvement is about doing things differently and taking action.....but often times, more energy is spent on planning that on actually doing! 

Development actions are the specific action steps that an employee will take, in support of a development goal, to achieve the desired behavior change. 

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Using Development Goal Setting to drive performance.

by Karen N. Caruso, Ph.D. posted in Succession Planning, Performance Management, Goal Setting, Talent Management, High Potentials


Development planning is a powerful talent management tool  that is a critical part of both Performance Management and Succession Planning.  Development goals can be focused on enhancing skills and competencies related to one's current role, leveraging strengths, and/or developing new capabilities for future roles. An Indvidual Development Plan (IDP) can include any or all of the following types of development goals.

"Do Better" Goals - Do Better goals target skills and competencies that need to be improved to improve in one's current role.  Example Do Better goals include:

  • Become more effective at managing time
  • Improve public speaking skills
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