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How Micro-Feedback is Changing the Nature of Performance Management

Posted by Amanda Seidler on Jun 10, 2010 8:33:00 PM

Multi Rater FeedbackThere are “What’s on your mind?”, “What’s happening?”, and “What are you working on?” questions and answers constantly floating around the web at a furious pace. All of a sudden micro is the new macro and HR tools are getting in the game. For good reason: employees are comfortable using these micro tools in their personal social internet usage, and want to translate the effectiveness of short, concise messages into their work settings.

Enter micro performance feedback. What is it? A fast and easy way to provide feedback to employees, and to facilitate performance conversations. What it promotes? More regular feedback from busier than ever managers; more relevant feedback on the work issues of the moment; and more timely feedback that can result in behavior changes that have an immediate impact.

In and of itself, this type of feedback is nothing extraordinarily new. We’ve been hearing for ages that best practice performance management feedback is routine, applicable and immediate. The game-changing nature of today’s micro feedback is the technology that support its usage. Ideally, this technology will integrate micro performance feedback with a larger suite of performance management tools such as mid-year and annual performance evaluations and goals/development plans. Micro feedback tools that allow managers and employees to correspond on performance goals, etc. and make this back-and-forth a permanent part of the performance record are key.

While most employees should latch onto micro feedback tools, some may feel that this is just another task HR is forcing upon them. For these folks, use a micro feedback system that allows for easy, one-click type updates that appear on your intranet or Performance Management platform. Even better, let them email or text their updates to their direct reports.

Bottom line: Micro feedback is an easy technology addition that will help your busy managers and employees practice Performance Management the way it was meant to be played.

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